Monday, November 2, 2009

I'm Expecting... yes, A BABY!!!

I was quite astonished Wednesday Night when I took a test and it showed up positive! But it did, and I guess Im gonna be a mommy ready or not! I went hunting the very next morning with my dad because I couldn't break his heart and bail the night before my deer hunt. I do believe Im the best daughter in the world for that one. No i didn't get a deer, yes this was my third deer hunt and it for sure snowed! Cheers!

P.s. Chaz still doesn't really believe me that im pregnant, for reals. After more than a couple tests and Even though I cried, bawled yesterday when I said to him: "I wanna watch Hercules." He replied : "But we don't own Hercules." I was devastated as he spoke the words ha ha ha! what fun, 8 more months of that ahead of us!


Kelsey and Dallas said...

I found your blog! oh girl, I'm so happy for you...I bet it's pretty crazy. Sometimes I get baby hungry then I realize I don't think I could curse the world with TWO kelsey's just yet. CONGRATS though girlfriend, seriuosly. You're gonna make the best mommy :)

Hardwick Family said...

Hahaha!! the dreaded hormones!! I love it!! Poor Chaz!! If he ever needs someone to turn to, Jay would be the guy!!: )


haha i love it. someone is a cry baby with me. yay for being prego:)

chazandamber said...

Kelsey! I didn't know your on here thanks for finding me! Oh Sasha, i think he will for sure. Miranda help me!! Ha ha jk