Sunday, November 29, 2009

Its O.K.

its ok to:
*sleep 12 hours some nights, on top of the frequent naps.

*text your husband as he's getting off work to let him know there isn't a warm meal waiting for him at home.

*Eat Pete's fish and chips because if you don't have it that moment you will surely die.

*Cry at The end of Disney movies (I do it anyway).

*Take multiple hot baths a night

Yep, im not feeling very well and i've "let myself go". K not really, but it feels that way for now. Oh well im enjoying the ride and it'll be worth it! Oh yeah, Black Friday shopping was so much fun!!! I wanna do it every year!


Candi said...

It happens! It's O.K.! :)

I love black Friday shopping too !!!!

brent said...

oh yes this is normal dont you worry. the only thing is you cant take a bath over 100f it can cause problems with the baby.


chazandamber said...

miranda, i love how u leave comments as brent. And i definately didnt know that!!

Hardwick Family said...

aww!! I'm so sorry Amber!! When it passes you will forget it ever happened! I remember not taking baths even though I wanted to sooo bad bc I thought the baby would cook in me.. but then I realized that I am crazy.. so enjoy the baths! (just not way hot) And enjoy the sleep now!!


i know i was hoping you would not think it was some crazy man stalking you and realize it was me