Thursday, September 8, 2011

Little Miss Priss

A few facts about Little Miss Priss:

She is spoiled. No surprise there. My thoughts on it- enjoy it while you can darling, someday you will have a few siblings and will not be getting away with all that you do. I truly feel bad for the day she realizes that the world doesn't in fact revolve around her. Until then, I will just love her and give her my undivided attention.

She is a Daddy's girl. All the way. Its almost offensive.

BUT she is her mother's daughter for sure. She parades around her new clothes on the hangers looking for copliments. Its adorable.

She LOVES babies. She says Baby all the time! Even to toddlers, its comical. She has a baby doll my sister got her. She carries it around and gives it kisses. What a little mother.

She is tiny. I am aware. At her 12 month check up she was just under 18 pounds. People stop me all the time to ask how old she is. Some people go the extra mile to offend me about it. A lady at a restaurant acted like my child was a freak of nature, ha the best part her 2 year old was like 55 pounds and the size of a kindergarter!

If you tell her no, she will do whatever it is faster, and laugh about it.

She gets jealous. If Chaz and I are hugging, cuddling, conversing without her she will dash on over and "talk" louder, or climb up us to be involved in the embrace. We may or may not do it intentionally sometimes ;).

Her favorite hobby is to empty out the entertainment center all day, everyday. I dont know why I even bother cleaning it up.

She carries the Minnie Mouse purse we bought at Disneyland this summer everywhere she goes. She'll pick it up and say "bye-bye".

She mimicks people alot. I definitely try to be more careful nowadays what I say, how I act, and what we watch.

If you laugh at her she gets very offended! It is no joke to her. She lashes out for a few minutes before calming down. EX. an eggos commercial came on and she walked up to the tv saying "more, more, more..." then it disappeared and we were laughing cause it was cute/sad. She stomped her foot and squealed at us for 3 minutes and refused to let us touch her.

She teases Scrat dog. They are buds. She also feeds Scrat.

Im envious of her tanning ability.

I love this little girl so much! She changes daily and its bittersweet. I love seeing her develop but I hate knowing my baby is slowly growing up. She is the best little buddy, i love hanging out with her.



Hardwick Family said...

Amber that is so adorable!! She has such a cute personality!! It amazes me that these little people are aware of so much!! Love the purse thing and saying bye bye. And the eggos comercial is hilarious!!

ashley wright said...

Amber, I was seriously laughing out loud at some of the things you said about lexus! haha she is SO SO so cute. And YES, for sure you should spoil her because when another one comes along, well... they don't get as much attention :( and it's pretty dramatic for them haha! i love that she's talking and walking and such a DIVA like her cute mommy :) I love that she's so darling and funny. What a great addition to your sweet little family. I can't wait to actually LIVE in mesa again that way we can get together and not have to worry about when i have to 'LEAVE' town again :) yay. Hope you guys are doing great. YOURE WONDERFUL!

Shanny said...

Oh my gosh that is so cute! She is stinkin precious! Bristol does that same jealousy thing. Every time I hug Abe she runs over throwing a fit...she will stare me down and jump up in Abes arms and just give me this nasty look, Like he is mine all mine...dont touch him hahahha! Oh how I wish we lived closer so our kids could become bestest friends! Soon enough :) Love you guys and miss you tons!