Wednesday, September 16, 2009


Friends, who needs them? Well, to be honest I do! Truly, truly these girls are like family. There's nothing that could come between us! For reals. I love these girls! They are here for me before I even have to ask! And it goes both ways. I love you girls! Thank you! We were friends since elementary school, and even survived crazy hair days (or weeks/months)... *A special thanks to Sash for the pretty hair colors ; ) *
Late night gas station runs...... YES PLEASE

Keeping in touch post H.S. after everybody told us we wouldn't remain friends....

Aren't they beautiful!

Yes we still stay up late and talk about old times, and the "good old days"

And we party like there's no tomorrow! Point is I love all my friends! Whether I knew you in elementary school, Jr. High, High school, beauty school, or the brief year at MCC, chances are I was friends with these same girls and Im proud of that. I feel like its one of my life's greatest accomplishments to find TRUE FRIENDS that stick together through Thick and thin.


Alexa Mae said...

Amen!! you do have amazing, and beautiful girlfriends. they are also lucky to have you as a friend and so am i. xoxo


i love our friends too. we are SO lucky to have each other. no matter what we are doing or how busy we may be we do drop everything for each other:) i am glad we proved them all wrong and stayed friends. WE ROCK!

And ps i love the pics of you and Wayne. it makes me happy to see them and see how happy he was!

The Nye Family said...

Amber! I just found your blog....and read all the way down. I had no idea you lost your brother. I'm so sorry. I hope you and your family are doing okay. Your words were perfect on your post. I definitely agree with your husband. Although it is hard to loose our loved ones, they really are in a better place. It's so amazing we have this great knowledge to know we WILL be with our families forever!

Oh and I love the pic's of you two!

Lauren said...

I am so glad you have such great girlfriends! They seem sweet. And you all are so beautiful!

Amber, I am so sorry about your brother. Ted and I pray for your family.


Kelsie said...

lover! yay. i love my girls. your the best. im so thankful i have been blessed with great friends. good clean fun!

chazandamber said...

Awh Alex- I love you!
Miranda- yes we do rock ; )
Jamie- thank you so much!
Lauren- You are awesome, your blogs make me happpy and thank you!
Kelsie- I literally laughed out loud and I think you are heaven sent

Chandra Goodman said...

that's so cute that you've all been best friends since elementary school! i heart u!

Hardwick Family said...

How did I miss this post!!? I love you so much Amber!! I'm glad you feel the way you do bc I feel the same!! I seriously dont know what I would do w/o you guys!! I cant wait till we all have babes together and can meet at the park!! And I'm tellin ya, it will be FOREVER!! We are a rare find!!

P.S. Youre welcome for the hair!! I miss those days sooooo bad!!! I love talkin about the good ol days!!

ashley wright said...

Amber!! You girls truly have been together FOREVER!!! I think it's great that you've stayed super close :) that is fabulous. love you girl!