Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Happy Happy Birthdays!!

Today was my "young" husband's birthday!! I won't tell how old he is but he's 6 years my senior ; ). I reccomend marrying older, but thats just me. I'm biased. Anyways, it was a GREAT birthday! I was too busy enjoying the family gatherings to take pictures but there are 3 presents I will share with you :
1. The brand new Ipod, 160 GB!! That means nothing to me, but it can hold 40,000 songs, or like 200 movies. Ridiculous right?! Yeah, I bought it for him. Your welcome Chaz : ) 2. This 22 rifle that Chaz's dad bought right after mission (many moons ago, and its also his birthday today too-weird!) But my dad bought it off of my father in law some time ago and has spent a full year re finishing it! To the point Chaz didn't recognize it at first! Pretty sweet huh? We were all super surprised.

3. My brother Wayne's watch. Super sentimental and I love it!
My dad engraved: Wayne Gunnell
8-4-81 to 8-31-2009.

So here's the Happy Birthday Boy himself!! He's in heaven right now downloading all the songs he's wanted for so long. Happy Birthday Chaz (and Charlie) I love you!


Alexa Mae said...

happy bday to your hubs. he got HOOKED UP!! you're such a good wifey.

Kelsie said...

haha that last picture of chaz he looks like a kid at Christmas! happy day of birth! i love birthdays.

Hardwick Family said...

Happy Bday to Chaz!! I'm so glad Jay is older than me!!

What a lucky guy to get all those great gifts!! That is crazy that it is his Dads bday too!! And what a sweet present from Wayne!!

Pretty cool!!

Love you!!

Niki {A*Lovely*Lifestyle} said...

my hubs is nearly 6 years my senior as well!!

i too think marrying older has it's definite pros.

thank you for your sweet comment.

i am so sorry for the trials you and your family have been facing. i know how hard it is. my only words of comfort are this, you are loved and thought about often and there are others who know what you are going through and ache with you. sometimes knowing that someone else understands is the only thing that helps. you guys are in my prayers.

sorry to put a damper on your happy birthday post. what a fun wife you are!!

Trent and Kaylyn Brimhall said...

Oweeee, your soo nice! Chaz looks soo excited! too cute!

Chandra Goodman said...

your such a good wifey! chaz is a lucky boy.