Friday, January 15, 2010

Hide your children!

Ok, so I know I talk about my dog alot, but seriously this thing is nuts!! So today I decided to be nice and take little Scrat over to my mom's house to play with my family's pomeranian. Mostly I do it cause on days when Chaz and I work all day and then come home, she is bouncing off the walls and aggressive. So anyways I walk out to my car and tell her to "go potty scrat". What does she do?! Freakin hauls full speed ahead, while peeing herself i might add, to the neighbors (who i havent met) yard where 3 adults are standing, and 5 kids are playing. Im 4 months pregnant-so i just look fat, not pregnant hardly at all- trying to chase her and she has no clue what the word NO means!
She finds the one toddler in the group and immediatly thinks he's her size so he wants to play too! She jumps on him, scratching him and wagging her tail like she's having the time of her life! The poor scared little boy just froze! The adults were all, "oh how cute!" Then i finally catch up to her and the other kids start chasing her down my street!! So i yell over my shoulder "Im so sorry, she's the worst dog in the world!" Then continue chasing her! Finally the kids corner her in my garage and she leaps into my arms. I wanted to go introduce myself to my new neighbors and apologize. But instead i threw her in my car, jumped in and hid my face as i took off. Ha ha ha Im such a wuss. I hope that little boy doesn't have permanent damage from the attack, but i have a feeling he'll live. Scrat however may soon be up for adoption ;)


Tara said...

Seriously such a cute dog though he sounds like a liabilty. I wonder who will have more energy/spunk Scrat or your baby? Haha! This is hilarious, Amber!

Kelsey and Dallas said...

haha so funny. and you're not fat...i bet you're not even showing yet! AND this is so funny, Dall and I were driving on main street and i had my head sticking out the window like a freakin dog and you were standing outside of sweet cakes! it took a second to register that it was you so AFTER we already drove past I was screaming "aaamber!!!" like a crazy person. anyway, it happened. very funny. but hopefully i'll see ya soon haha adios woman :)

chazandamber said...

ha ha ha oh my gosh Kelsey i remember hearing my name!! Ha ha ha you crack me up! I miss you!!