Monday, March 15, 2010

Spring Fever

Today was such a difficult day to go to work, cause the weather was phenomenal!! Luckily I had a short day at the salon today, so me and the hubby met up for lunch, it was fun, like old times! I picked him up from his work and we ate at the ever popular filibertos. It was delish, til I found a hair in my beans. Lunch then was cut abruptly short on account we were grossed out. After we both got home from work we wanted to do something fun! So we went to Chandler mall! When you look like this:

**this picture was a joke, i was tanning and decided to photograph how ridiculous i look**
Anywho when you look like that, going to Abercrombie depresses you. But on the upside we got Chaz some new jeans for like way cheap see:

Yes, im jealous of his ability to fit into abercrombie jeans. Who wouldn't be.
Then we moved onto shopping for Little unborn Lexus:

Check out the little bear feet! Awwwww

Hope everyone else is having a wonderful Spring Break!
P.s. Remember when Spring Break meant new swim suits, shorts, mexico, mexico, and more mexico? Yeah, times have changed.


Connie said...

OH.MY. hairs in food are seriously the grossest thing. I'm so sorry! I ate a bad apple when I was prego and it was the one and only time I lost my cookies. Sounds like you stayed

You look so cute!

Kelsey and Dallas said...

haha ooh filli B's. Dallas and I live just way too close as it is. And u know you're gonna go again! haha i looove your pregger belly, im glad youre happy :)

Hardwick Family said...

O my gosh!! You are growing so cute!! I cant wait to see your belly! That was a funny fili b story!! Yuck!! Chaz finally got new jeans!!: ) Now I just need to get Jay to take the plunge.. Wait, i dont think I want Jay looking cute while I get huge!!: ) Love the little outfits!! So much fun!! Please dont remind me of how much I wanna go out and by a bunch of swim suits and shorts!! AWWWWW!! Kill me! Where did the good ol days go!?

Niki {A*Lovely*Lifestyle} said...

i'm so sorry about the hair in your beans...that is bad for anyone...but especially a pregnant woman!

hope you're feeling well and the pregnancy is going good. you're over half way!

The Hawks said...

When I was pregnant with Raegan we were eating at Filibs and I chompped down on a rock that turned in to sand in my mouth. I lost it in the Filibs bathroom. It was just Lovely!

ashley and wes said...

Amber lee! ... i cant believe the hair in your filiberto's!! (actually, it doesnt surprise me!!! its filli's!! haha!)

i LOVE the cute girlie things you bought!!!! awwwww... girls are SO much fun amber!

ps. i wish also that spring breaks still consisted of swimsuits and M-E-X-I-C-O!! (those were the days). now there's no such thing as spring break for us!!
love you

ashley and wes said...


Alexa Mae said...

sick sick sick! that is exactly why when i eat filis i eat it fast and don't look. you are sooooo adorable! i can't believe how far along you are and how great you look. go girl!! love you!

Dani "Farber" and Jimmy said...

Youre belly is so cute!!!!the hair thing is gross. tanning when youre prego? naughty girl... when are we going to hang out? miss you...


yay you are showing, and that little dress is to die for

Nikki said...

I love you baby bump! I want one! I can't wait to start feeling my little baby move either! You're right, it must be very reassuring! Hope work/life is going well for you!