Sunday, July 4, 2010

This is my 4th of July post

First things first, LOOK WHAT I MADE: (click the pic to make it big)

I love them and they took no time at all. I am proud of myself :)
Secondly, I am finally huge and uncomfortable and I hate my fat face, but here is me at 39 weeks:

And lastly, I am EXTREMELY bitter because I took Castor Oil 3 DIFFERENT times in the past 48 hours and my baby is nowhere near coming out yet! I really wanted her to be born today on the 4th of July, but she wasn't! I tried every other suggestion you could think of and no results! The closest thing that happened was I had an hour and a half of contractions that obviously weren't labor. Anywho, can't say I didn't try. Hope you all have a great 4th!!


Trenton + Brooke said...

Don't diss your momma "phat!" You're the hottest prego woman I think I ever laid eyes on, and don't let that little voice in your head tell you any different.

I'm sorry you suffered through non-labor contractions, and still no baby... I'll keep you in my mind until that chica is born! :)

ashley wright said...

HONESTLY AMBER... you look beautiful!!! And I couldnt be more uncomfortable too!!!! Well at least the contractions are a start for you... ive had NOTHIN!!! kill me. lets face it... your baby will be here soon!! and HOORAY for that!!! love you girl!

Alexa Mae said...

cute onesies amber!!! i love them. you look so adorable. your face is so not fat. and i tried all that crap too. both my babes were 8 days late...stubborn like me. i bet she is stubborn like you too ;). she will be here soon!! love you girl!

Hardwick Family said...

You look freaking adorable and you are the only one noticing your fat face, bc I dont think it exists!! Those little onesies are adorable!! You will have to teach me! I cant wait for this little girl to come!! Its killing me!I cant imagine what its doing to you!: )

Connie said...

You look beautiful!!! I remember how loooong those waiting days feel but before you know it she'll be here and you'll never have free arms again (; jk