Sunday, August 8, 2010

I lost 40 pounds in a month!!

By having a baby ha ha ha! Sadly, I have a little more to lose because i started out with some extra. So Lexus Lee turned one month old today, and I cannot believe it! I am in love with this little girl, she is such a good baby! Plus she is adorable! See for yourself:

Chaz's cousin Chandra (chandra delite photography) took some newborn photos for us and I love them! She did such a good job! I have been loving this crazy new life so much. All is REALLY well. What a relief after last year's August :(.


Hardwick Family said...

This definitely is a better August!! Amber!! You didnt tell me you lost 40 pounds! You said you werent weighing yourself! Thats insane and that is also not typical to lose that much that fast!! Nursing must be workin for you! You do look great! Those pics are SOOOOOO FREAKING ADORABLE!!! She looks so cute! Her adorable big blue eyes!

The Dobbins said...

I cannot believe it has been a month! She is a doll! And I want to hold her!!! Im so glad you found me so we can be little blog buddies. Haha, Im sorta addicted! Cute blog by the way, I had to read back a few pages just to get updated on your cute life! Hopefully I will see you soon!!

Tara said...

Cute pics Amber! You look great, and that baby is just as cute as can be! Love it! Hope all is going well and you are getting plenty of sleep!

Candi said...

I love love the first photo! Congrats

nicole ...given said...

oh my gosh your baby is gorgeous!