Friday, February 25, 2011

Friends,Scrat, Lexus, and some Chick-fil-a

First and foremost SCRATTY'S HOME! My dad took her a few weeks ago as a "favor" to us when Chaz went in the hospital. But it went from a favor to him dog-knapping my bff! She's finally home and bathed. She's getting groomed ASAP Btw. I have to say, the 2 of them play great together and I think its so cute. Maybe not quite sanitary, but im just happy Scrat didn't eat her as a newborn

Along with Scrat coming back comes this....I feared when it would happen but finally, it has. Lexus discovered the dog food! I saw her crawling that direction so fast you'd think she were on fire. I knew this day would come. Just what I need, another reason to lose sleep at night...

Girls night dinner for Kelsie's b-day! Woo hoo 22 hot years old! Loves her! I ripped the photo off Alex's FB. It was a good time. Ya just had to be there ;)

I AM OBSESSED WITH CHICK-FIL-A! And I got my dad and grandparents into it too!!
(Someone please convert Chaz, I have failed miserably)

Lexus has had a couple special playdates that I hope become more frequent! With all our kids so close in age it makes it so fun!

Bye bye baby Reg, Miranda took him and moved to the middle of nowhere! Ok Washington D.C. isn't quite the middle of nowhere but its far. We'll miss them!

Well thats all for now! Oh and for the record, Lexus has 2 bottom teeth, they FINALLY poked through a couple weeks ago after teasing us for months! Yay for drool!


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