Wednesday, February 9, 2011

What is this a blog, or a shrine to Lexus?

So its been a while and Lexus has grown alot and I want to document that. You can leave now if you don't care, I won't even know you were here. So Thanksgiving was last year, but thats the first pic, Lexus's first Thanksgiving. Then Christmas, well that was Christmas Eve at the jewelry store- isn't that precious of her with my 87 year old grandpa! So cute! Then she started crawling at 6 months, and perfected her crawling at 6.5 months. Superbowl sunday was fun, we had his family over. And finally, the picture where she looks abused... sigh. im really bothered. Not for the reasons you would think. Im really sad about the fact she got hurt, yes. But mostly,why on her FACE?! Its her perfect little face and I really really REALLY don't want her scarred. You see when I was very little probably her age I got a gash in my cheek from my dog. It scratched me on accident and that scar is visible to this day! Their little skin is so tender. What happened was she was pulling herself up on the futon trying to get to daddy and she fell and hit the metal bar. She cried so much harder than usual. (You know how they fall backward and hit their head? Oh, other parents are responsible and catch them? Whoops...) anyways this is such a new exciting age but its scary at the same time! Love that little girl, can't believe she's only been part of my life 7 months! On a side note, This week has been crazy! Chaz went to the hospital (long story, still not exactly sure whats wrong) and my sister Heather is in the hospital, Heidi had her baby 3 and a half weeks ago, a girl, yay!! Oh and my parents, yeah they live in a hotel bc their house flooded!! Gotta this crazy life!


Hardwick Family said...

Lexus is seriously SO cute Amber!! And of course the blog is going to be devoted to her bc that is your life right now: ) She looks so big in the last pic.. love the jeans and the fur coat! I hate it when they fall, it happens to everyone of course. And yes your life is crazy beyond words right now.. wait not just right now.. when is it gonna end!!

McKenzie said...

Amber, Lexus is so gorgeous! And I swear, everything crazy happens to you!