Tuesday, May 10, 2011

I drowned another camera in diet coke, so sue me/ oh ya and Mothers day!

Yep. Twice in 6 months i have done this. Chaz doesn't know thats what happened, im putting that fun convo off as long as possible. I just seem to have bad luck with the bottled pop, i think the lid is on and i throw it in my purse, and voila everything, ruined! LUCKILY my phone somehow was spared-oh you dont wanna know what would have happened. ANYWHO, so Mothers Day.
I got a gorgeous flower arrangement from the hub. Then we went to church with my mom because my dad was too sick and its just wrong to let her go alone. Its kind of a bittersweet holiday for her. After church we brought a rose by my grandma's but she happened to be at church. Sad we missed her.
Then we went to Chaz's sister's house for his family's mother's day. That was very nice. His dad made us a FEAST! It was delicious. But the part that we will ALL remember is going to visit his grandmother. I have never ever met his grandma, who he lived with. In fact she had just been sent to a home when I met him and he lived at her house. She has alzheimers. On the way to Jen's Chaz had mentioned he wanted to see his grandma, so I mentioned it and the whole fam. was eager to go. You never know when your last chance might be. So we all went, its been 3 years since any of the grandkids had seen her. (Houston may have, not sure). But when we walked in the home I felt sick seeing all these elderly people unable to move or speak
and communicate. How frustrating and scary would that be? Well there were so many of us (6 Standage children and 5 spouses) they put us in the conference room. When they wheeled her in, all of us cried. She was so happy to see her son! She could hardly communicate but you could see it on her face. Each grandkid took a turn speaking to her. It was so emotional, especially for me to watch Chaz, he lived with her last. It was quite an unforgettable experience. Im so glad we did it. It also made me feel AWFUL that I dont stop by and visit my healthy, active, amazing grandparents more often. They are so supportive, and so involved. I felt this big that I had left a rose on the doorstep for Mother's Day. It was a very memorable day. I am so grateful for my mother and the perfect example she sets for me and my sisters. I hope I can grow into that kind of a mom. I just adore my little daughter. Also I couldn't be happier to NOT be pregnant anymore and to actually be a mother this year. Now time to prepare for Father's Day!

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Miranda said...

Oh Amber, you and diet coke. And your mom is amazing.