Monday, October 24, 2011

I Love...

Things that I "love" are:

When the garbage schedule changes and you hear the truck coming, drop everything to run outside and see he has just passed your house.

When Lexus doesn't take a nap until 3 p.m.

When its 100 degrees the week before halloween...

When Lexus refuses to go to bed til midnight, and is up at 6...

Paying late fees on credit cards bc it just simply slipped my mind...

OOH buying shoes on sale at Dillard's, only for them to discount it 40% more 3 days later...

Getting all ready to TRY and make it to the temple for somebody going through for the FIRST time ever and Chaz being 4 minutes too late...(work ends at 5, it was a tight time frame). I mean we are dressed standing there at 5:34! I know its important to start on time, it was still a bummer.

Things that I ACTUALLY love:

Actually crafting! Making something yourself! I got these antique cpboards,(since I was 10 I have always frequented the downtown antique stores, weird?) and I painted them, and chalkboard painted the middle and got cute handles..

I am proud of myself!

I also love my little Lexus Lee of course

My relationship with my husband, some weeks we dont get to see eachother hardly because Ill have clients most nights so he gets home takes care of baby, and does homework then we go to bed. And I recently started working Saturdays so thats a sacrafice we made from family time, but times are tough for everyone im just greatful to have such opprtunities to help relieve the financial pressure. But last night I felt kinda disconnected from him so I asked if he would go for a drive with me and he said yes! It was nice, we talked and found a new antique store ill have to go to sometime. (its actually old and in A.J. but ill check it out).

Of course my loyal clients! Oh how I love them all! The ones who prebook in advance, and the ones who trust that I know what the heck Im doing, and the ones who deal with my less than accomadating schedule... I LOVE ALL OF THEM! Oh how happy I am to have met the clients I have, I learn so much about people.

Im obsessed with our chicken's eggs. They are so delicious! They dont peel very well when you hard boil them, which makes me wonder why store bought do... ew, it makes me want a cow to get organic milk but im not cut out to be a farmer just yet.

Family! I actually ran into my cousin today at Blockbuster. I forget how surrounded I am by family, so blessed :)

Fall time. Alot because of the change weather, but also because I HATE, LOATHE, DESPISE, get depressed by August (Wayne...) and September just blows bc utilities are so dang high and the UV rays aren't as good to tan lol. Also I love our annual Pumpkin carving tradition with Chaz's syblings! We've done it the past 3 years in a row.



I'm kinda excited for Halloween weekend! Yay!


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Hardwick Family said...

AMBER!! I cant believe those frames you made!! Freaking adorable!! You should be proud of yourself!! I love how honest you are! And I love you bc youre my best friend!!: ) Even though we like NEVER hang out or do anything together!! I think I am still trying to figure out how to hang out with kids!!: ) I miss you!!