Monday, December 12, 2011


On New Year's Eve last year I predicted that 2011 would be a bad year for us. Im weird like that, I think odd years are bad luck for me personally, and evens are good! I am happy to say that 2011 proved me wrong. While financially it has been less than magical,
(they cut overtime from his department shortly before i became sick and pregnant resulting in me cutting out alot of evening hair appointments. Plus you add in a few car repairs, a huge plumbing fee, and some hospital bills...),
However we have been very blessed! Lexus is happy, healthy, and full of atititude :) and now she's going to be a big sister In july! We are very excited! Chaz shocked and amazed us both by getting accepted to PHOENIX SCHOOL OF LAW! We never thought it would happen. It was his top choice school! He gets to do it part time (might sound crazy) but he gets to keep his bank job full time and all our benefits! Which then means we get to stay in our house and raise our kids near all our family! School will take him 4 years instead of the usual 2 1/2-3 years. But its well worth it to us. We seriously were certain we'd be moving out of state. I am so proud of him! My only fear is that working and school will be too much to handle. But He constantly surprises me with how much he can handle :). Now if only I could find my lost paycheck so we could finish up Christmas shopping!


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Andrea said...

i'm so happy for you both and so super proud of chaz! what an accomplishment!

and i'm happy you get to stay close, that will be so fun!!!