Thursday, December 29, 2011

Little of this little of that

So im sick. REALLY sick. I keep gagging and throwing up, its really annoying. You know how when you have a toothache how it can literally make you suicidal? Im gettin close with this headache i've had since last night! I once had a headache this bad that lasted 4 days! The kind when you bend over your head feels like its gonna pop off and roll on he ground. I was diagnosed with tension headaches as a result of my multiple whiplash injuries. Sorry to complain, but needless to say its not fun so stay away.

On the great news side I went to the doctor today to see my little peanut! It was the cutest little thing, it was kicking and spinning, and trying to lift its little head! Im only 13 weeks but it looked so human. Im really excited his time around. I was scared with Lexus, now im excited for this one. I would like to get that babycenter thing up top on my blog but Miranda did it for me last time, so.... call me D? Im clueless with this stuff still.


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