Friday, February 3, 2012

Lovin Life

I am loving my little life right now. First of all, the weather! Can you say gorgeous? I am such a summer girl, I live for laying out so right now just siting in my chicken infested backyard watching my little girl talk to the "bach-bachs" and "pet" the tortoise is just the best thing to me. I love that im not sick anymore, and I know that its another baby GIRL in me. Oh and I REALLY love feeling her move! Literally the best part of being pregnant. Litle Lexus is going to love her baby sister so much.... maybe too much.... Wanna know something else great, we got our taxes back, AND they brought overtime back at the bank, so were feeling good again (rough few months there, let me tell ya). I love all the plans were making for the house in the near and distant future, honestly I feel so blessed right about now. I swear, I blame it all on the weather, its just plain glorious outside right now im gonna go soak it up!


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