Monday, May 14, 2012

Catch up

Im too lazy to mess with pictures, honestly my Facebook has most of the highlights, and my instagram i blow up like everyday. Sorry. Ill probably regret it one day, but not today. As of recently my feet have decided to swell, its quite unfortunate. Oh and I feel like its hard to breathe most of the time. The uncomfortable stage officially started around 31 or 32 weeks this time around. Ill be 33 weeks tomorrow. I am scared of having more babies, this second pregnancy hasn't been quite the walk in the park the first one was. One thing I need to never EVER forget is how fortunate I was to have gotten my weight down prior to getting pregnant!! With Lexus I had 20 more pounds on me than when I started this one. And this one I have had alot more pressure and unpleasantness. Whats it gonna be like for my future babies?! Oh well, women do it. Gotta love them pioneers who had like 15 kids. I think its more exhausting this time around because i have an almost 2 year old? But working full time last time wasn't a breeze either. Fine Ill face it, im getting older, my body is feeling it. My mother in law always says that your spirit just doesn't age, I have to think how weird that'll be. I feel older though. I thought about that last night. I use to think I had the whole world at my fingertips, the possibilities were endless and noone could stop me. Now, I think maybe because my life is on its course and its a good one. Speaking of, Chaz graduated last Saturday and we had a party for him, im so proud of him! Both our families pitched in and we got him a new laptop for law school! It's so nice having so much family around who support each other. I honestly love all of our syblings and parents. We went to Dean's Day at his law school this past Saturday. Its a nice campus, Im excited for him. Its going to be a very trying 4 years though. I got a feel for his schedule and I REALLY realized I will be on my own raising these 2 girls the majority of the time. He'll be working 40 hours a week plus school til 10 at night mon-thurs, plus 27 hours of studying on top of it. I totally have the funner job, but its gonna be rough. Welp thats about it for now. Amber

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