Monday, May 21, 2012

The Calm Before The Storm

So this past weekend was amazeballs! Thursday Chaz took off because we had a 3d ultrasound, that didn't go well. Blah. We went to the mall and Chaz got suckered into buying Lexus some luggage she would not let go of ha ha. Then we cleaned the house and packed... Friday was pure bliss! My mom and sisters took Lexus and all the little cousins to Bass Pro. Which she is obsessed with! So Chaz and I had the entire day together! This hasn't happened in almost 2 years. I never really thought it was necessary, but it felt just like we were dating again. We went and laid out at our old apartment for 2.5 hours. Being there took me back to 2008-2009, moving in with Britney, meeting Chaz, planning a wedding, getting married, deciding to NOT take my birth control because Chaz wanted a baby by 30 (he's about to have 2 at 30). It was fun. We then went home, showered and got ready. Went to AZ Mills, Chaz met some Cardinals players who were hilarious and loved his name! Later on he wanted to go back to get a present for Houston but they were gone :(. We also saw the movie What To Expect When Expecting. Then picked up our little love bug who had the time of her life at my parent's house all day. Checked into the AZ Grand Resort (I won a free stay at Alex's baby shower from Kelsie's sister :))! Saturday we woke up and went to the waterpark! Lexus was in heaven, but it was so tiring chasing her we only lasted 2 hours. But she loved it. She chased the birds and screamed "water!" a thousand times. That girl is hilarious.
Sunday we went to my awesome cousin Cameron's homecoming talk, so good! Glad he's back. Then we grilled the best lunch ever in our backyard, and finished the day looking at the blinding eclipse and looking at mansion houses in Gilbert. Perfection. With the baby and school just weeks away I think this was exactly what we needed to remind us that no matter how stressful things are we're doing the right things. It will all work out just like it always was meant to.

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