Thursday, May 31, 2012

Anti Social

Ok prego friends, am I the only one who becomes anti social during pregnancy? Its so weird, I just am SO not myself. I remember when I became myself again after Lexus, and for that I can't wait. I wonder if its just preparation because I probably won't be leaving the house much after I have numero dos? Sorry too much Dora over here. One good thing is I have been able to keep up on more house work I guess. I wonder too if maybe I just unintentionaly lay low to store up my energy for when I do hair? Im really perplexed about this. Its not nesting either, that hasn't really hit yet. Oh well, at least I LOVE my house. I seriously love every square inch of this little house, because it's mine, and it's a ton of work, but it's mine. Yeah, Im gonna guess im being a homebody in preparation for having 2. I know i'll be back to my old self in a few months. So sorry to all my friends who I don't see as much, its hormonal I guess? Oh speaking of, wow, the bigger I get the worse I get ha ha ha. Im not crazy or anything but I can't handle as much as I usually can. I would feel bad for Chaz, but he still fits in HIS clothes! Lexus just took a 3 hour nap, hallelujah! AND I am so excited for the Victoria Secret semi-annual sale, like abnormally excited! I shopped early online last night, but I like to see what they have in stores you know? Amber

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