Sunday, August 30, 2009


Wayne was finally stable enough yesterday that they took him downstairs to do a bunch of tests to see his progression. The good news is that he didn't die on them, or have any complications throughout the testing! The bad news, there isn't really anything good to report from the tests. The infection in and around his lungs is still way bad, but at the moment he seems to be doing alot more breathing on his own. He still has the ventilator in, but last i knew they were decreasing his oxygen by 5%. Yep, thats it 5% and im all excited. Thats how this whole process will go. In tiny, tiny, tiny babysteps. However, on Thursday Wayne did open his eyes, and look at me. He definately recognized me! I told him I love him and he nodded his head up and down to say yes. I know he knows that I do, and that is a good feeling. Again, we appreciate the prayers, fasting, and thoughts from everybody. He is very watched over, protected, and loved by many.


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Hardwick Family said...

Slow progression!? It will be nice when the roller coster rider is over!: )