Wednesday, March 24, 2010

1 week, 3 weddings

Sadly I cannot find my camera cord for pics of Ty (Chaz's brother) and Nicole's wedding and Kylie and Nate's which were on the very same day! But Houston (Chaz's littlest brother) and Lyndie got married March 5th and I have some pics

See my baby bump? im 5 1/2 months here

I really like the guys in this one (especially Chaz):

The Happy couple:

Good times, aren't weddings so enjoyable when they're not your own?! Such happy occassions!


ashley wright said...

What a cute post. I love weddings and youre right... theyre so much more FUN when it's not your own!! haha.

ps. i loved your post about wayne. of course you made me cry as i was reading it. i love you and i love wayne. I can't imagine how much you probably miss him. Youre amazing and i love ya.

see you SOON!!!

ashley and wes said...

Your Question: "Why is Paisley so adorable?"

My answer: Paisley is so adorable because she is my daughter.

Thank you for asking.


Alexa Mae said...

you are HOT!! you look so good. and you are amazing! i can't wait for little lexus to come!

Hardwick Family said...

Fun!! Love Lyndie Dress! She looks gorgeous! And no I cant see your baby bump!!: ) I cant wait to see you tomorrow!!!

Anonymous said...

Hey amber!! I didnt realize you are so far along!! when are you having a baby shower???