Sunday, April 4, 2010

Easters 2010

This was a great Easter! We began the day by admiring our new car! Chaz brought this home the other night after work and its PERFECT for a baby! Yay! I love it!!!

Then we got to look at what the easter bunny brought us, he (i) knew exactly what we liked!:

(Mmmmm... Abercrombie cologne... it benefits me as much as him ;))

After watching conference we went to my grandparents for dinner and ate with this fine couple who are about to get maried:

Our last stop was the Rowley's, always a party!

Hope you all had a fine day!


Hardwick Family said...

K!!! Hello!! LOVE the new car!! We have much to talk about!

Connie said...

Sweet car! And I'm jealous of your basket- I never really get one. lol