Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Random Much?

So I am 29 weeks pregnant now and I still like to schedule my day off around "peak tanning hours". Relax I asked my doctor if its ok to lay out and he said as long I keep hydrated and don't get over heated its fine. So with our big tax rebate this year WE BOUGHT A POOL!!! You wanna see it dontcha?! Here she is...






Ha ha ha! Whatever it gets the job done.

As I was looking through my camera for pictures to post I noticed my sweeet husband had taken some candids of me ha ha ha. I love my Scrat and I really am asleep;

As much as I hate to post pics of me pregnant, I know I want to see other pregos out there pictures. Plus check it out, all 4 of us are pregnant at the same time! Its so much fun having so many friends pregnant at the same time! I also have a couple girls at work to share in the misery and one of my fav. cousins ever is just 2 weeks apart too! (you know who you are ;) )




haha i love your pool. and the pic of you sleeping CLASSIC!

Hardwick Family said...

LOVE IT!! That pool is actually perfect for the job! And Your backyard looks so pretty with the grass! That sleeping pic is so you!! Poor Chaz: )JK!

Tara said...

Love the randomness! I can just picture you prego in that pool! Hey a girls got to do what a girls gotta do! Congrats on 29 weeks! Now, only eternity to go, {or at least that's how it seemed for me}.

Alexa Mae said...

Bahahahaha I love your pool! Thanks for the suspense. Love you and your little girl already. Miss ya!

Trenton + Brooke said...

Oh, Amber. This post is one of the many reasons I love you. You all are so cute in the picture!

Anonymous said...

what sashas preggo again!! how fun!! You guys are such cute preggers!!