Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Things that make me happy!!!

I love love love getting flowers! Especially for no reason at all! (Well other than the obvious fact that im carrying an additional billion pounds all day as i work on my feet. Other than that no reason at all). JK JK kinda. But anyways I was at work for my dad and a delivery came for me! He's So sweet, i guess ill keep him :):

Also, Chaz sold his jeep to some illegals! Yay!! Im not being racist, they literally didn't have a license, except an expired one from Mexico. Whatev. He came in and threw all this money at me. Its funny, now that im older and more conscience of germs, cash money kinda grosses me out. Its the dirtiest thing on the earth! But I still like it despite its filth!

I am also happy about my recent switch to Avante Salon at San Tan mall in Gilbert. Its alot of fun working at the mall. If you haven't been to that mall I dare you to go! The Forever 21 there rocks.


Hardwick Family said...

Aww!! How sweet!! That is my favorite thing to!! Although it never happens: ( All those twenties!! I just see lots of pedicures for your poor feet!! And I am so grossed out by money to!!



Alexa Mae said...

So sweet about the flowers!! And cha-ching!! SoooLong Jeep!! I love santans forever. it is addicting...and with all that money you have...i better just hang on to it for ya. ;)

Holy Cow! said...

Your too cute! we think alike! Im gunna come stalk you at the mall this week I'm in need of a new xx1.

Kelsey and Dallas said...

hhheeyy I was talking to you when he chucked that money at you! hah so funny, I hear y about the germ thing too.

Anonymous said...

ooooo i like that money!!! It is a beautiful picture!! haha... and i just realized i missed your shower!! ahhhh, I was nanying for this family whos parents were out of town, It totally slipped my mind! Im so sorry! I had it up on my fridge and everything! ANyway I love you! and owe you a cute outfit!